LecLogix is a Riverland based business providing quality electrical and automation support to our customers. Our modern workshop located in Loxton's industrial area, gives us a central location to service the Riverland and Lower Mallee regions.

LecLogix combines electrical and automation skills that assists customers to maintain their increasingly complex installations.

Although we have only been operating as a business for a short time, we have had experience in engineering electrical system solutions for the Water, Wine and Food industries for over 6 years now. We have supplied our customers with a wide range of technical services, allowing them to be confident that their production facilities have the high level of support they require.

We are proud that we can supply many of the services that previously would have been sourced from companies in the major cities. This has been more cost effective for our customers which assists them with running their businesses more effectively.

For any electrical enquiries please contact us on 8584 6535 or by email at info@leclogix.com.au

LecLogix - Riverlands electrical and automaton contractors